Biennial Community Survey

In order to better measure residents' opinions and attitudes regarding City services and current issues in Dallas, the City performs a community survey every other year. We are currently contracting with Advanced Marketing Research to conduct our community survey. Using questions proposed by the City, Advanced Marketing Research designed a questionnaire to be administered by telephone. Using a random residential list overlaid with a list of registered voters containing cell numbers as a sampling frame and screening for those living within our city limits, 401 interviews were completed. The City's second survey was completed in early 2015.

The results of the 2015 survey can be viewed here. You can also view a presentation provided to the Council by Advanced Marketing Research that summarizes the survey results. Both of these documents are rather large in size, so please be patient while they load.

If you would like to view the results from the City's first survey, completed in 2013, please click the links below:
Summary Presentation
Final Report