Design Standards, Codes, & Worksheets

Design Standards
Current design standards are as follows:
  • Basic Wind Speed: 120 mph Ultimate Wind Speed ( for Risk Category II)
  • Seismic Design Category: D1
  • Snow Load: 25 psf
  • Frost Depth 12 inches
  • Soil Classification: Geotechnical Report is required to determine soil conditions
Adopted Codes
Current adopted codes are as follows:
  • Residential Code: 2011 Oregon Residential Specialty Code
  • Building Code: 2014 Oregon Structural Specialty Code
  • Mechanical Code: 2014 Oregon Mechanical Specialty Code
  • Plumbing Code: 2011 State of Oregon Plumbing Specialty Code
  • Fire Code: 2014 Oregon Fire Code
  • Electric Code: Provided by Polk County Building Department 503.623.9237
Special Inspections
Note:For signs, fencing and demolition information, please refer to the Planning Department at 503.831.3571.

Building Department Worksheets
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For additional information, please contact Building Official Ted Cuno at 503.831.3567 or Building Inspector Troy Skinner at 503.831.3573.